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"Everyone is so friendly and helpful there.. I always feel like I have been taken care of!"

"The entire staff is excellent--every visit is an outstanding experience."

"I would just say that the staff is a reflection of Dr. Romine herself; caring kind and efficient."

"Both the Dr and assistant were very friendly, honest, helpful, and made my visit stress free even though I hate needles. They work great together. Also, the receptionist made my appointment on very short notice, which was much appreciated!"

"Everyone in the office is first rate. Dr. Romine is an artist, I have complete faith in her skill. Thank you!"

"Everyone is kind and gentle. I Think Dr Romine sets the example and her staff follow suit. She is especially talented with the botox needle, never giving that weird "Cruella DeVille frozen face" that I see sometimes. My son and I have also been treated by Molly and Ashley, who are both competent and professional. I feel like everyone at Camelback Dermatology cares about us and that we are developing a lifelong relationship."

"Everyone that was involved was terrific and I was especially happy Dr. Romine called that evening to check on how I was doing. I will definitely refer anyone to your office and will tell my primary doctor as well."

"I would hate to name anyone person because I honestly can't pick a favorite. Your entire staff is absolutely top notch!"

"I really couldn't single out one person because everyone I have encountered has been excellent. Thank you for your continued outstanding care and treatment. The new office looks great, as well."

"Dr. Romine is wonderful - as the ONLY dermatologist that I will ever go to, and also as a thoughtful person who so obviously genuinely cares for her patients. She always takes the time to address all of my concerns and questions, no matter how silly or neurotic my queries may be! I never feel rushed, and I always feel valued and well cared for."

"Surgery on the face can be traumatic for a patient, so I was very pleased to see how important it is to Dr Romine that the end result is the best look that she has the ability to achieve."

"I was amazed how quickly and completely Dr. Romine put me at ease- making my visit an adventure that I enjoyed. Remarkable! I liked everyone I met there!"

"I would like to recognize the entire staff for the friendly, supportive and comforting manner in which I was treated during my first visit to your office. I also greatly appreciated the follow up call I received from Dr. Romine the night of my procedure to see how I was doing. I will and have already highly recommended your office to my family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful care!"
-G. L.

"The whole staff provided the best customer service I have ever had at a medical appt. Dr Romine made me feel comfortable and eased by fears. Not to mention excellent medical care and results."

"The staff is excellent! Very friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable! I have complete confidence in the staff in the different procedures they assist in or do. Love the new clinic!"

"Everyone seemed enthusiastic and happy there. It makes a patient feel better when people seem like they are happy to be there. Kudos to everyone!"

"Everyone has been very friendly, making one feel special as if they are the only patient being seen. I would remember some names but not all...even though they used their own name in greeting. I have highly recommended your practice to several of my friends...and to complete strangers when asked "Who is your doctor? Looks like great work!"."

"I was recently treated by Dr. Romine and her excellent assistants using Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT). I was very happy with SRT. I have a very active life and SRT allowed me to continue my physical activity while being treated for Basal Cell Skin Cancer. SRT was painless, very effective and each treatment session was brief. For me, it was a great alternative to surgery."

"Dr. Romine Recommended Exilis to improve the appearance of my aging neck. It is a wonderful product/procedure which reduced the crepey skin and wrinkles on my neck more than I expected. Reilly provided entertaining conversation which helped reduce the slight discomfort of the heat during the procedure making it more tolerable. I will continue to use Exilis as needed and look forward to continued results."
- M. J.

"For many years I had beautiful skin and people complimented me on it regularly. It wasn’t until my early thirties that I started to get adult onset acne. At 33 I got pregnant with my first child and in the first trimester my skin was the worst it had ever been. It was so bad that literally my forehead, cheeks, jawline, and chin were covered in cystic acne and no products that I used helped. I was extremely insecure about my skin and often found myself in tears, too ashamed to even go out. I felt like there was no hope for me other than to just keep trying to cover it up with makeup and hope it went away at the end of 9 long months. I had no idea that while I was pregnant there was something I could do to help my acne that was safe and extremely effective. I went to see Dr. Romine and she informed me about the Isolaz laser treatment. I figured, why not give it a try, noting else has worked and I have noting to lose. The treatment is very comfortable and only takes about 20 minutes. I saw improvement after 1 treatment, but after 2 treatments, I was shocked at the difference in my skin. When I went back for my 3rd treatment (only 4 weeks after the 1st) I had no visible acne. All that was remaining were the red marks and some scars from where the acne had been. Even the scarring and red marks are improving dramatically after Isolaz treatments paired with sitting under the Blue Light. I am so eternally grateful to Dr. Romine for helping me heal my acne and feel normal again!!! I never knew how insecure and depressed acne could make a person, but now I do and I just had to write a testimonial so that if other people are suffering like I was, they know there is hope and something that can help! I will continue the Isolaz treatment as long as I can to keep my acne at bay."
- Alicia J.

"Dr. Romine- If I could only give you all that you have given me! A beautiful face! I thank you! Your work is unbelievable! You are an absolute expert. I am truly grateful to you. Thank you to you and your staff again!"

"Dr. Romine- It was indeed a pleasure to see you in the office today. I do thank you for the acceptance of having my son enter the room without an appointment. You are a very caring, soft spoken and reassuring Doctor. Do continue to be the sweet, caring, lovely doctor that you are with everyone."

"Dr. Romine, I am so blessed to have you as my Dermatologist. Your "bedside" manner & clinical skills are impeccable. I thank you for going the extra mile for me & not shrugging off the little things that so many other providers might have. In my book you definitely are my Top Doc!!!"

"Dear Dr. Romine, I want to thank you for your treatment of the Squamous Cell Cancer on my forehead. You and your staff were so friendly and professional that it made me extremely confident. The results have made me so happy, I usually heal keloid but your fine work is amazing. There is no trace of a scar on my forehead at all. Thank you again!"

"Dear Dr. Romine, thank you for the excellent care I received from you and your staff. A great BIG thank you for the follow-up evening call. The call was something I did not expect and was certainly above and beyond today’s standards. Again, thank you for the outstanding care."

"Dear Dr. Romine, This note is long over due. My last visit to you changed my life. You suggested a procedure for my face and transformed me back many years. I now have cheekbones that I can actually see and feel. When I see people that I have known for many years they comment on how wonderful and beautiful I look. When I look at myself I feel better thanks to you. I so much appreciate the way you look and listen to what I need."

"Before coming to Camelback Dermatology I went to a different dermatology group. At the old Office, I was seen by PA’s and never by the doctor even though I was advised to see a surgeon for removal of skin cancer. At Camelback Dermatology, I was treated as a person and not just a patient, in other words, I was treated with care and concern. They always take the time to listen. Also Dr. Romine is not a "touch and go" doctor such as so many others are. It is wonderful that there are still a few professional doctors. Thank You!"

"I have been a patient of Dr. Romine for many years and would highly recommend her and her office to anyone looking for a great dermatologist. If your looking for thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate look no further Dr. Romine is the real deal. Dr. Romine has done several surgeries on me, all which have healed beautifully and I couldn't be happier. I have seen Dr. Romine's PA's on several occasions whom are also very attentive and received the same excellent care I always receive from Dr. Romine. I have referred friends, family and coworkers to Camelback Dermatology who are also very pleased with the quality care they receive on there exams and skin services. So, If your looking for a caring and knowledgeable office, look no further this is definitely it!"

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