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Sculptra® Aesthetic is a newer facial injectable treatment that stimulates new collagen formation gradually over weeks to months.

An average of 3 treatments spaced weeks apart can last up to 2 years or longer. Collagen beneath the skin is a key element providing volume and giving shape to your face. At about the age of 30, collagen begins to break down. As a result of aging and sunlight exposure, wrinkles, lines and folds gradually appear and worsen over time. This "deflation" can be very discreetly and effectively reversed with Sculptra.

Sculptra Aesthetic, injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) is biocompatible and has been safely used for many years in the medical field.

Dr. Romine feels it gives the most beautiful and natural "re-inflation" possible, taking her patients 10-20 years back in time.

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